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"The music on her upcoming album is somehow simultaneously familiar and new. At times, the ambience is so thick that the music begins to sound like vintage winter. There’s simply no denying that Osp Eldjarn writes really pure, traditional folk, and she does it very well."

-The indie folk music review

"Travelling from the North of Iceland to London, Ösp's music reflects the folk song of her native country blended with the bustling songwriting culture of the capital and her love of jazz. The resulting music produces moments of stunning beauty, etherealness and delicacy."

--Up in the gallery


"In her music, Ösp caries with her a fine Icelandic tradition of soaring melody lead songs of glacial beauty and real emotional power. Capable of both the epic and the intimate she’s possessed of beautifully evocative voice"

-New Roots Present

Tales from a poplar tree er einstaklega vel heppnuð plata. Töfrandi rödd Aspar dregur hlustandann ítrekað að henni. Dramatískar og ljúfsárar melódíur fluttar af frábærum hljóðfæraleikurum fullkomna svo heildarhljóm plötunnar.

-Íslensku tónlistarverðlaunin - tilnefningar 2017

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